Frequently Asked Questions

What is your daily schedule?

Our hours are 7:45am-5:30pm Monday – Friday.

What age children do you care for?

The age range of children who can enroll is 4 months-preschool aged children. However, I’m flexible, and am happy to care for younger infants and older children as well, depending on your needs. Our program is a mixed age environment, where children of different ages socialize and learn together.

What is your tuition cost?

Tuition is a flat $950 per month for full time (5 days per week), which includes healthy snacks.

Can my child attend part time?

Unfortunately we can’t accept children on a part time basis at this time, because I have so few spots available. Although we can only accept full-time enrollments, we do accommodate part-time needs for the first month to ease your child’s transition into a new environment (but after this time full-time is required). We understand that this may be necessary, especially if this is the first time a child has been in care outside of the home.

What do I need to bring for my child each day?

Each child needs to come with diapers if needed, at least one change of clothing, including a jacket or sweater in times colder weather. Also, a favorite plush or toy is always welcome for comfort and for sharing with others. I provide wipes and clean sheets, blankets, sun block, snacks and beverages. You don’t need to send your child with a nap mat or sleeping bag, but you certainly are very welcome to if your kiddo is attached to a certain item. Sometimes having a loved item from home can bring comfort and lessen the stress of being in a new environment.

Can I enroll my child if my child isn’t potty trained?

Absolutely. And I am very happy to work with parents to make sure that the potty training process is consistent at home and in our care. Potty training is something that takes time, patience and cooperation, and when parents and I work together, it can be a positive experience for everyone!

What is your philosophy on discipline?

I believe strongly in a combination of encouraging respectful and positive behavior, and also in having conversations with children about choices and employing redirection (directing kids to focus on other activities) when there is negative behavior. I will never employ the “time-out” approach (where children sit alone without activity) with children in my care, however, in certain cases when hitting or biting may be involved, I will temporarily separate a child from another that they are having a conflict with before bringing them back together later. Also, I encourage parents to have conversations with me about how I can work with the processes that they use at home. I feel it’s important to generate a consistency with how children are talked to at home and also when they are in my care

What if my child is feeling sick?

In order to stop the spread of any contagious illnesses we ask you to keep your child home if the following items are present. Of course, please use your golden rule of thumb if you are unsure. Thank you!

Here’s a guideline to help you decide:

1. Any fever at all!

2. Runny noses cloudy, yellow or green mucous or clear excessive running nose of any kind

3. Irritable or cranky behaviors

4. Abnormal rashes that require intense care

5. Flu-like symptoms

6. Pinkeye

7. When given vaccinations please keep your child home for 24 hours

Please keep your child home and call us to discuss after 5pm till 7pm. Thank you!

Are you closed for holidays and do you take vacation time?

Yes, and yes! I do take off for holidays and may also take a little over two weeks (12 business days) of vacation time per year. For vacation time, I will provide parents at least two months notice of when I will be taking off. I do not charge for days that your children don’t attend, so you are not charged for holidays, my vacation days or when your child is ill and can’t attend. Click here to learn more details about holiday and vacation closings.

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