At Nest, our program was developed to support each child’s development through one-on-one attention and group activities with children. Just a few of the benefits of our program are:

A Home Away from Home
We are happy to be able to provide a warm home-like and family atmosphere that can ease some of the stress that children experience when transitioning from being home with parents into the care of others.

Small Teacher to Child Ratio
It’s important that we give the children in our care lots of individual attention, so our teacher to child ratio is currently 1:4. Click here to learn more about our teachers!

Age-Appropriate, Challenging & Child-Centered Activities

We believe in a balanced approach with of providing children information through enriching experiences, activities and conversation with teachers and other children. Each activity is planned to be challenging but also developmentally appropriate for the specific age of the children in our care. We help children develop the strong social, cognitive and emotional skills that they need to become confident and independent thinkers and speakers, problem solvers, and good friends. Learn more our curriculum.

Mixed-Age Groups
Mixed-age groups offer children opportunities to develop and practice valuable social skills. This also can be a wonderful environment for siblings, because they are not separated, and this can ease their transition into a new child care setting. Older children learn to adapt their language and social skills to relate with younger children, often learning patience, compassion and problem solving skills. In addition, younger children are challenged by older children and often engage in more complex activities then when they play with same age peers.

Celebration of Diversity and Family Cultures
I feel that it’s essential for young children to be exposed to and to learn to embrace diversity in the world around them. Infants and toddlers begin to notice differences in people, and although they might not yet understand what these differences mean, they rely on parents, caregivers and teachers to provide them with the language and experiences to form positive impressions. In my home, different is “interesting” and “exciting” and not something to feared. Through activities, conversation and field trips to our local park, I enthusiastically give the children in my care exposure to diversity.






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